Satellite Imagery from Digital Globe

It is possible to buy satellite images from commercial services. One such service is Digital Globe operating at

The minimum order for old (already collected) images is 25 sq km of the Earth surface. This is called a 'single scene' image. The price is ranging from USD 14 to 32 per 1 sq km, depending on the number of bands available in the requested image, so the minimum price for a single scene is ranging from USD 350 to 800.

The minimum prices for the new image, that is an image to be collected upon request, is USD 1800.


• Low resolution version of the whole area •

• Crash site. Fragment of the first image. Resolution: 1 px = 49 cm (1 pixel of image corresponds to a square 49x49 cm wide on the Earth surface) •

Last changes: 2013-09-29
Created: 2011-07-20